BBQ Fire Safety

Gas Grill safety

  • Check grill hoses for cracking, holes or leaks every time you replace the cylinder. Don’t have any sharp bends in the hose or tubing. If you have a leak turn off the grill immediately and have it fixed.
  • Make sure all connections are secure before turning turning on the gas.
  • Always keep gas cylinders upright
  • Never store propane cylinders indoors or near any heat source or flammable liquids.
  • Always shut off the propane fuel at the grill and at the bottle after you have finished barbecuing.
  • Never start a propane grill with the lid closed. Gas can accumulate and when ignited may cause an explosion.
  • Do not transport or store propane cylinders in the trunk of your car.

Charcoal Grill Safety

  • Never use any flammable liquid other than starter fluid to start a charcoal barbecue. Use starter fluid sparingly and never put it on an open flame
  • Never burn charcoal inside of homes, vehicles, tents, or campers because CO fumes are produced from charcoal is burned.
  • Always soak coals with water after cooking and remove the ashes only after they are completely cooled without any warm embers.

General Safety

  • Never leave your barbecue unattended and keep children and pets away from the grill.