Designated Driver

Definition – A designated driver is simply a person who agrees to abstain from alcohol and be responsible for driving others home.


  • Keeps family members and friends from senseless injury or death.
  • Prevents occupants from receiving a DUI and losing their drivers license, receiving large fines and possible jail time.
  • You will not have to worry if someone is too impaired to drive or not because you will have a designated driver to take everyone home safely.
  • The designated driver concept is easy to understand, simple to implement, costs nothing, and is proven to be effective.

Tips for Designated Drivers:

  • Always plan ahead whenever you going to socialize where alcoholic beverages will be consumed.
  • Decide ahead of time who will not drink that evening and will be the designated driver.
  • Consider taking turns being the designated driver so everyone looks after each other.
  • If you are with a very large group plan to have more than one designated driver.
  • When getting keys from an intoxicated individual always remain calm and avoid embarrassing the individual or being confrontational with them.
  • Make it clear that you are doing the person a favor by taking their keys.

Signs of Drunk Driving:

  • Weaving, passing dangerously, straddling the center line, making wide turns, tailgating or driving unusually slow.
  • When you see someone driving intoxicated call 911 and give them a description of the car and its location.

Make a Difference:

  • Don’t let you friends or family drive intoxicated and you might just be saving there lives or preventing them from receiving serious injuries. Avoid the tragedies that come from drunk driving and the suffering and grieving it causes to many families each year.