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The day started off at 0755 hrs with a building fire assist to Talleyville 25 the call ended up being a tripped alarm in the residence. Later in the day the crewnbsp was just leaving Boston Market with dinner when they were alerted to an MVC with anbspChild struck on New Rd Corpus Christi. The engine responded along with 16-8 Chief Patrick Giles and A-16. Units cleared the scene within 20 minutes. At 1907 hrs thenbspcompany wasnbspdispatched to Cypress Rd. for a building fire.nbspE40-1 along with 16-8 16-5 and A-16 made the response. It turned out to be smoke in the buildingnbspfrom a civilian making a candlenbspUnitsnbspcleared within the hour. Then tonbspend the night E40-1 made the response to an automatic fire alarmnbspon Sussex Rd just off Lancaster Pike. The alarm turned out to be tripped by a civilian Units cleared within 10 minutes.nbsp