Summer Safety

Barbecue Safety

  • Read the owner’s manual prior to operating a gas grill.
  • Keep your site on a flat surface away from sheds, trees, shrubs.
  • Never leave your barbecue unattended especially when children are around. Keep clothing and towels away from flames and use long handled barbecue utensils.
  • On charcoal grills use lighter fluid sparingly and with caution. Stop using lighter fluid once the grill is lit as fire can shoot back along the stream and explode the container in your face and hands.
  • Discard briquettes away from any combustibles as they can stay hot for many hours after a fire is extinguished. Keep briquettes stored in a dry place away from potential ignition sources and combustible materials.
  • Check fittings to ensure a proper seal and fit every time you change the propane tank or bottle.

Gasoline Safety

  • Never smoke or strike a match while putting fuel into a lawnmower, chain saw, tractor or any other gasoline engines. The invisible vapors are extremely dangerous and very explosive.
  • Only refuel your mower or other gasoline powered yard equipment when the engine is off and cool to the touch. Clean up any spilled gasoline immediately.
  • Keep gasoline in an approved container with a tight fitting lid to keep the vapors inside. Keep containers out of the reach of children or any potential ignition sources.

Smoking Safety

  • Never discard cigarette butts onto the roadside or into mulch because this may cause a brush or mulch fire which increase during summer months.
  • Extinguish and discard cigarette butts in appropriate metal containers or ashtrays.
  • Always keep matches and lighters out of sight and reach of children and discourage them from picking them up.

Camping Safety

  • Always use a flame retardant tent and set up camp far away from the campfire.
  • Only use flashlights or battery powered lanterns inside the tent or any other closed space.
  • Always build your campfire down wind away from your tent. Clear all vegetation and dig a pit surrounded by rocks before building your campfire.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children and never smoke inside tents. Dispose of cigarettes properly.
  • Do not cook near any flammable materials or long grass or brush.
  • Remember alcohol and fire don’t mix. Please do not drink while around campfires or outdoor cooking appliances.